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"I have been using the teas Jesseka has recommended to me, love them and I feel much better! I have also given my 9 yr old the kids back to school bundle and you can see a difference in him already. Such a great place to go look around and learn new things!"


"I just wanted to reach out and say you're doing a wonderful job in raising awareness and teaching the general public about holistic health and medicine. I really enjoy watching your videos and visiting your store. I appreciate that you share information in a way that's easily understood, giving examples of what's toxic or bad and following up with safer and effective alternative products and solutions. It's nice to have a shop that I can purchase holistic products from just a few miles from home and chat with a shopkeeper who actively uses those products herself. Thank you for all of your effort! Keep up the good work!


"We started going to Holistic Springs a few months ago and now frequent there weekly! They are so knowledgeable and have the best advice to give! Before finding them we didn't know where to get our herbs from. But now we can find everything we need and so much more! Thank you so much Holistic Springs for helping us keep our family healthier, more energized and more mentally focused!"


"I have had dental problems all my life. I have used OTC pain relievers, orajel, anbesol only to get blisters from using it too often. I have used clove oil with success in the past. I called and asked about clove oil and was told they had a tooth oil with clove oil in it. I immediately went to buy it. Just letting everyone know that if you suffer from tooth pain, this is the stuff for you, no nasty chemicals. I put two or three drops on a cotton ball and tucked in under my cheek where the bad tooth is. It took the swelling out of the gum and made the tooth feel much better in just a few minutes, even took the heartbeat sensation out of it. Now I don't worry if I will be able to wait the week before my dental appointment. Very happy with the "tooth oil" Thank you so much for being here for us!!"


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