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How The Herbal Benefits of Valerian Can Improve Your Life

You oversleep. You forgot to pay the light bill. You didn’t put out the trash. Your kid is failing algebra. When did groceries get so expensive? The news is on. Man, your neck hurts. Why are you sweating? Does any of this sound familiar? Day in and day out, our lives are filled from sun up to sun down with one thing or another that causes stress. Ah, stress, the universal connector, the one thing we can all agree there’s just too much of. But with so many aspects out of our control, what can be done about it?

A Herbal Remedy For Life's Stressors

Did you know that stress can do a number on one’s nervous system? A dysregulated nervous system can wreak havoc through our entire bodies, causing both mental and physical symptoms that impact our health and quality of life. While many stress-inducing issues are out of our control, that doesn’t mean we just dive head first into the waves of impending doom to be taken out to sea. No, it means we keep treading water until someone tosses us a life raft. And today, friends, we’re tossing you a life raft by the name of Valerian.

No, Valerian isn’t a bronzed lifeguard ready to sweep you up and bring you back to shore. Valerian is instead a type of flowering plant with a long history of medicinal use, the majority of the herbal benefits born from its root. Valerian was historically referred to as “all heal,” known as a safe and effective cure for a variety of ailments as far back as 16th century Rome. Today, Valerian has become an increasingly popular herbal remedy due to its relaxing, sedative properties, considered by some to be “nature’s valium.”

What Valerian Can Do For You

If you’re an anxious person with a brain on overdrive, Valerian can help decrease mental overactivity and nix those uncomfortable jittery feelings that come with excitability. Basically, if your brain tends to race faster than a Maserati on an empty interstate, consider Valerian the conveniently placed roundabout installed to encourage you to take it slow and steady.

Ingesting Valerian is known to:

  • Encourage a calm mind by lowering anxiety

  • Reduce nervous tension

  • Promote more restful sleep

  • Improve concentration

Stress often also manifests as physical discomfort that can look like neck pain, headaches, tension and gut issues, to name a few. Valerian works within you to provide a calming effect that stretches beyond the mind and into the body. Beyond improved mental health, Valerian is used to:

  • Soothe PMS and menopause symptoms

  • Improve gut health

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Diminish muscle spasms

  • Reduce body tension

An all natural, non-addictive herb that relieves tension, calms anxiety and improves sleep? Sign. Us. Up.

How To Add Valerian To Your Life

Valerian can be consumed many simple ways, including as a tea, in a tincture, as a powder or through capsules/tablets. Whichever way you decide to go, adding Valerian to your life is a great next step toward a more relaxed, well-rested existence.

An important sidebar: if you are already taking sleep aid medications, over the counter or prescribed, please do not use Valerian until you have safely discontinued use of those products. As always, we recommend you follow up with your own research and consult with a healthcare provider with any questions or concerns.

Venture Into Valerian

If you’re ready to metaphorically prance through Valerian Valley, visit us in person at our store in Excelsior Springs, MO or visit our website to shop online.

Whether you’re a Valerian Veteran or just started your Valerian Voyage, we’d love if you’d send us a testimonial on how this fantastic herb has impacted your life!

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